2 new sketches…

…from zero light of blind reflect meat reflect of dress rehearsal none as stray canine devours its own excrement in distance opulence of given laughter bled shadow stone taint headless attribute long fallen gift where to breathe is blood-stained sand a trace of voice from broken bodily vocal drunk upon echo-echo a kill a stripped valve a circus denizen of drag alongside where to emptily cascade in-dreaming of some next to follow in a garotte of tears feeding upon through frenzy promise as if to of in rat once more shines in vermin mass neither within closure none of some doorway’s barricade listless to expel through concrete lung subtle as a breath of death & oxide spitting plumes of dense smoke as burn of where gutted unto waste where to touch is to storm as to suffocate in momentary as on into vibrate of silhouette atrocity whereof it is for other shores a break-neck series of screams of desire turned cold as a die cast in an alleyway long forgotten a cold dredge of pulse bulb simulacrum as cast across discharge semblance of rip of shadows to fall upon of long nectar sudden as if to falter as is once dragged from some abort where to then to rot away in flames to reveal a vicious of intent casts some eye upon as vocally bodily broken fucked frozen as before where walls are silhouettes dreaming-in of still where rat’s carouse of interior non-tread as it seeketh to bind to devour from within eye lies upon cold grace of fleshed appeal laid out upon an unmade bed a trickle of blood of cum deft from what it does not yet form is what spliced spoken as light upon reveal meat density as flesh closes over eyes exposed no longer of some searching for sentient else to harbour where tumour exhalation dragged to or other than dredged as before as if forgotten no/ recalls in mirror a visage once rip of silence & shatter of cold glass reflect as breath upon no matter listless as if to say till trace redempt in phallic orchard it unsung falter in a fruition of razor traces a blend of mutilate the language of of dense light singe of skin reflect purpose of till kill of X. nothing of what matter if as if into nor of base redempt yet no nothing of in ever if victorious as a bloody orifice torn a-shred dense what will skins flung to final pitch of where further dogs of speech lay in slumber in a glaze of midnight sunlight…
…of all that ever of in rat theatre disregard where pissoir night break upon in reek sarcophagus nothing ever of it that mattered once was said of thrice closure of teeth crack thereof some skull dust a fireplace stuffed with syringes & spent blood-stained overtures such was it non-spoken of no neither of eye redempt laughter in vocal dredge where sick is to occlude breaking stone where chains lay out their featherings upon landscape indescribable oxide working in bone eulogies as if to say that tears to grind where some ever never somewhere over some shattered prism carefully designed yet it is not where film of eye seeks to silken breaking upon throughout where speechless is tone deaf kisses caress of nothing ever fallen to wayside depth a shadow a shit-filled mouth stitched shut it closure travail of no null & void nothing of it nor of retain of spurious metals a feast a famine of scattered gardenias to winds traces of blood through ocular sense forgotten by where sense non-sense matters not a as if to echo-said till dressage of teeth burning in coal dust elevation it stand alone when curtains close & rat is left to centre-stage ever of what said what once in insomniacal lights breathless as was once as if to collapse into where silence is a rupture of wound as cometh no stone unturned no breath unfed to abattoir whispers of lacklustre being in as rat’s discourse is little other of than wreckage avalanche of sharded nectar spasm a broken bodily of vocal as if to what cannot on forage from nowhere on to echo of forgotten in an instanced breath it biteth down upon where nothing ever of is some circus of stun long shadow of an abort as eye what lung & rat in circular it-distance exhuming where once was oft not a trace of it other than where to carve into yes laughter as of ever null as of where density design as given to as taken from what say this it cannot no it cannot it speaketh from nothing ever-given yet in rat through eyes of rat of some theatre of there is/ nothing by which to barter of frozen sands of sanguine closure no nothing of it what stench in silent realm it-done from fragrance no not as if to follow no other than a pathway of reek for bones & a bloody exhalation of shattered glass base metal of insignificance as seech beseech a nose rubbed in shit without cessation….




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