…of in that of which what of in that cannot as through glass shadowy reflect an etch into of where meat is silent there hung in suspend neither smeared yet vibrate glisten of dead blood wind asway tear bled alongside as bask in none where through non having ever have as was before sunk of eye where to hollow gouge whereof some flourish null where being is borne down upon by rat & broken of in body vocal catastrophe where sickness to dredge collapse it is break nothing ever as before pulsate in night denuded reek of cold zero reflect in none where shit is beneath skin’s travail a carousel laughter bread broken fallen to precipice as crack whip density of rind a deathly silence marked only by extract by blood an expulsion of dead weight’s collect in tyrant membrane an echo of desire for some noose’s pageantry throughout where night is furnace nullity sees eye to eye with cold chamber zero cracks apart nothing ever as before a subtle as never was bleeds slowly walls astringent traipse footstep taken one before another circular as is/ matter of which taken as before as light genuflects & finds no solace in from glisten stead a shattered vase a collection of frozen orchids & stone winds breath as was once until neither in as of what from said when piss for blood is mark a stone final upon cascade of night’s embalm as on & into ever floweth null stop collision rat surfaces to forage breathe of cannot expel it is choke upon at silhouette’s silent edge draped across bodily where form has long abandoned it never of in exile subtle deaths to taste where absenteeism stitch close breath in useless penitence where broken traces & lapse in or of throughout thereof desiring of as in what till a trace of meat a mockery of flesh a passing remnant what hilt through zero cold reflect as rat breaks bones & takes from taste till ever of it what & never of some placement ever in through which lack stance breakage colourless appeal where nothing has never of has ever of through fallen lapse kisses with fragrant meat the collective shat lapse of it is a lie almost even in throughout or of another of in terse of closes it behind as outstep into nothing ventured fallen unto wayside cold shadow reflect a forgotten birth as if where collision nullity is by mark & precipice merely of another hour another bone flung upon where pyre obstruct silently devoured by as it were to ever of…




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