3 Sketches…

bloodrhetoric.jpg (2)

…turn it/ turn into of vocal eye cold dead speech upon where from once till of thrice echo in from out of which close turn nothing given of till trace whereof what closure pageant in half-light burn of intricate dissolve where fragrant else is of lapse redeem clouded by silhouette listless closes door of sudden as if to where null stillness flex cold weight a burns throughout where from valves of feel in broken body vocal edge of laughter disregard it shadow of malign it seek what turn about-face terminal distance of what struck ever of where as if to follow given of some upheaval of neither less where echo rhythm close of wound where density static cannot of other of through which collects white bloom of stripped of it long trace of nothing ever of where flux bedamned a crux a none tines of sound collect it in refrains from advocate steel obscure adrift where purpose of never of yet broken where stone wishes for of in lapse desire for on be thing adamant clears light of which never of prolapse sunk dead fossil weight it steels night from locus of abort a shimmer of expectant listless hollow of unsung in pale fluctuate it seeketh nothing of where variant taste of shit in eye of nothing ever much nor of eclipse of all a static of pace & sunk in of recourse to having ever broken by dissolve & pursuit of breath long-stretched to hollow lock of breakage point it says without in say no what rapture what nothing of final etch of blade into solace of shed blood as if to echo nothing of above cold as before in din of light vibrate in close it forgotten lock from hereof breathe taken syllabus expire it weight it circus stance what climb of it forgotten trace of endless where flight once known is birth(ed) of silence churn of never other it reek of symbol dead once clad what answer breathe what intro speech rakes dust till dawning of expels what on what circus of in night of circumference within which to trace where non is colour of intricate speech spat out adrift in nothing gained till light collapse nothing ever given a trace of sky of long forgotten azure & it is not it is streaked with blood or other than in silence or it is not degrades to core of not no answer fallen fall dense titanium till breath(en) point forgotten laughter as before whereof in absence it flees to break from extol of taint upon where sickness of to dredge it breaks it falls to nothing ever severed as before where locked sing of till obsolete as ever not a trace whereof something other than in reek of silence once known no never once neither forgotten of a…
 …a dead end pageant shredded from commence nothing of to gain reveals tangent ice drift throughout in a cold chase of bitten oxide shiv of redeem nothing to echo of where skyline broken dissolve what held silver as if to collapse births a kiss of scarlet nothing ever beknown till call razor cards nothing of as if to ever had in foreign of vocal soldered across till fissure smeared a pit of sky wrench of distance shattered nothing of belong where worm of turn cold silhouette never to have begun where till bitten of in echo trace waste desire & fallen promise of what once was never nothing till dream of excommunicate a wrenched pulse bulb all distances mockery tilt of shit scattered to desert clime it is of the none stun abound as if what mattered trace occlude sickness of till dredge of gouged socket rip of flesh in black light a trace of sudden exile breakage of bones shattered remnant of what once was to be all forgotten no prayers from deep eye is of plague what drenched in amber blood vellum artifice a silence never known held to sheared a snapped bone judgement claim or not what ever aligned sudden as if to falter where to occlude respondent nothing of devour silver yes or no as onward into shale closure of wound extricate a hollow shadow drifting throughout in-dreaming of sudden as if to falter knocked from one pageant frenzy to offset instantly erased throughout a cold dark echoing of bleed of rapture silence nothing of abound as was before were to if what be fingers upon cold glass night upon cold breath oxide terse what of till blood a roomscape a closed door elixir of where absenteeism is fall from some effigy & redempt of spinal affluence nothing of speech what once negating its own prism purpose dead as a lie what wormed throughout cold spasm night endless from above what closure taint the stain upon where nothingness absolute wherein what walls where meat hooks sway a vibrate of discoloured orchids a breath of death what promise from throughout as were what from stench reek effortless where meat torn to shreds is colourless appeal of splayed blood collapse of all whereby no nothing graven to fall it is said a vibrate of disappearing echoing birthing into what sleep deprivation it knows no nothing whereof acclimatized sucks down opiate unspoken of torn from the this or that stricken depth of waters no broken silences voice collapsing upon what once was hilt till shred of laughter breakage as dissolve cold final exhale a winter gutter…
…of carrion calls spitting spurious waste from broke stone nullity finalize vocal broken or otherwise in a redeem of all that be forgotte that cannot as was from commence where catacomb breath extols night from which rat of being is to dredge paring away as of a gait in cracked mirror as walls dissipate as if to utter that from out of what given to having bathed in the detritus of it ever-burn till or no in lightless pageantries of from where next to forget stripped meat of it & voiceless execution of echo-echo foreign as once was before where breakage dark devours senseless speech till lock of absent redeem there was once some sky some solar asphyxiation words cold as cadavers yet nightly drowned in colours in a din light of static abort so says in a gutter of all dreaming & placement of nothing ever much of it as breathe collides with foreign terse nothing left from which to follow(s) subtle as skin peeled away as meat stripped to taste bone collect in a pissoir silenteeism drag what stone what obsidian weight to find depth only in the epi-centre of nucleus as shadows rest vibrate in corpsal night sing vertigo of time’s long spent of reek where vapors emanated from ever-wound every syllabus as eye is nothing of shat purpose expel of all that could ever never have been trace long dead where foreign of is a body broken vocal where rat is a taste upon that cannot be eradicated where scum division traces of echo traces of pelt ingrained with timeless blood a slash hook tide where pulse bulb nothingness is merely the beating final of in ever motion given to expire it be lapse what wreckage marked out by null a gait pared away as if to elect laughter but nothing of that the mirror is vacant reflection all nothing left or of design neither of desire in a breakage wreckage of broken flesh through final promise & silt of dreams long forgotte resurgent ever to close fist of nothing as bile reek from gutter frenzy seeketh to overthrow what wind’s cascade from out of silently devoured it is the verminesque of ceaseless to divide neither film across eye of non-speech in drag of pulse a tributary of absurd consequence it does not utter it does not know it is merely fragrant breath of some perfumed nonchalance drifting afar never grasped nothing of known in what as & break of solace fallen from grace of discarded refuse perhaps bound bones rotting in black plastic refuge of children’s laughter as rot ensueth & all is not one fallen to sleep in final forage of naught that cannot ever does not ever cause of premise point not a trace of azure sky both shithouse & abattoir & sickly feel drag of bone striata throughout nocturnus spill of dead light cast aside as of so much waste where nothing of in said locked fingers of silent waste shrapnel sheet metal reflect burn into flesh where forgotten is all as drag of meat & flesh pisses upon drag of meat & flesh cracked knuckles bleed into depth of an ague spent with claims lack all worth till exist all foreign passage from centre null in which throughout a face stripped away a breathing corpsus cast to utter sands where hyenic laughter is of tread what speech in claim upon claim & payment by virtue of silent flesh & absent breathe matter blind bones & spit that will not cauterize a razor edge across invisible vapor skin & vapor tone drag out thy corpse & walk it says as if to blind dark speciously till tread of dawn & blackened asking of forgotten in an instance in rat air where vocal is forever body broken vocal nestling in sleep bites down upon what else it will ever be known unknown/ unknown …

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