“Untitled #2”


…in an actualization of the blood/ distemper light collect in bask of rotted symphony/ dense accord the traceless unbecoming lapse/ tide of one thousand pelts in the moon’s reflect of eye/ of pupil shared/ trace +1/ ache/ dissipating sound in an echoing room but one/ here or there as if to trace-erase-reclaim/ sudden shock shrill of tint of teeth a-grind bitten by obsolete in any dying hour/ the spit in the eye of it gifted spasm/ lock/ knocks once then thrice collective smear of an outpouring wailing in the dark/ the face illumined else as it dreams of else/ no dice/ in-dream/ stripped skin of an electric cable frenzy/ the hands dead the heart dead/ in an abort of restless unto-follow/ the sky is there the sky is a cataract of azure silence/ no trace for tomorrow/ tumour/ close/ too close to touch it/ the fingers smear also/ the black in the mix of blood echoes of tears spent gilt of the obscene devour/ till shredded once again/ begin from/ step-asking of/ then else to follow in the banality of/ a shock-white-amber nothing/ searing out the/ from out of the/ night’s circus kicking the shit veritable out of from not of then until/ (aches lest it must)/ all breath aligned/ zeroed out/ obliterated/ the shadow vanes the sky as else/ ejaculates nothing but the rent flesh the harboured in-step/ blindly/ mercury dust/ amphetamine salve/ alcoholic abandon/ speeched travail beyond the given trace/ as walls shimmer in the collective smashed in skull of tidal/ all tide of oceanic escaping/ the blood never truly having/ nestling in the bones of the unbecoming sense what of it/ till grace it is said it/ in-step/ discoloured/ silence/ the obsolete remark/ traceless/ scuttle of unspoken tines/ words collapse/ in the out-step/ there or for/ …stun lack/ else what/ in the none of in/ dead-centre prism/ ash upon dead/ forgive-me-nots/ I asks it follows from the out of which therefore/ it cannot/ bask/ black bask colourless pupil sting/ vertebrae of silenced absolute/ the teeth kicked in breaking from fear or favoured sense/ in an echoless verbatim/ (this is the sun)/ till trace of/ locked/ the voice crushed violets/ violence of the incisor emblems/ as if to say of the I what held/ bereft/ sickened unto breath/ sickened unto breathing/ till skulk in hidden corner evading the dark resin/ of night endless/ a menagerie of teeth sunk into blessed restless/ claustrophobe of none/ again once again one naught of trickles down/ step/ non-trace/ step non-trace blind white abort/ fucked frozen/ emptily as if to/ murmuring the dead point from out of the silent point/ axial/ shadow tide of else/ (it is a lie)/ said once/ enough/ blessed rip of blade internal axe of phallic stream/ scream/ dead point/ bitten/ stun lack aborts/ in a toothless aggravate/ hence as if to/ derailed/ shadow upon smashed fingers/ upon self-mutilated flesh/ the given exile of/ fields of rotting grass/ of blackened grasses set to flame in the distant/ the moon shedding light upon/ so falleth the blight ghost limb from out of the carcass of the membrane/ dense tide/ collapse/ caring not for the jot/ extracted/ I bites the nothingness/ in the midst of else/ a piss-stained beggar/ a junked-up emptiness/ settling in to fall…
“Untitled #2”, (2016), is available from Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk

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