Two New Sketches…

…in body lack of weightless veranda speech declaration cold chasm endless breakage bone structure devout it closeth fathom lock until whereof till taste of stun warped limbs gathering at teeth of steel of breath breathing it all out unto whereof collateral nothing of as of before cold stillness where broken of is collision trace & wreckage of cold distemper lights aborted nothing as before in drift of plague language garroting syntax weight crush where procession is nullity of echo-echo dim nothing more to give of reflexive soon to follow of through obscure taste of absurd light & some solace no never of some solace no in-dreamt scar upon scar deliverance through where haven itch is caressed by shiv in membrane skull design it is of trace long longing colours of this or that till obsolete fade unto where rhythm night devoid of all charity it merely salivates/ salivates/ teeth nicotine-stained breathless ovulate of torn flesh what once cold dense disregard never of in whence to feel it not once more ever-present as still in rat of all where peering out through a menagerie of nothing looking for another as if to breathe what will of it one cannot through obsolete nights lacking charity as was uttered & hence now of forgotten climate of distaste as dreamt alone where else what of it severed than burnished extols nothing in reek of final in holocaust of having been in absentee light shards of ice slicing through without cessation here in that what of colours no not of to ever returned collapse that blacken all & sunderance sickly desolation ripping throat from night as body broken vocal broken bodily of cannot no further drenched in blood yet subject to disregard will return evasive no nothing but velvet tears & truncated smiles of dis-ease where shackled light stalks through in an absence of origin as no sounds come forth no nothing of words that have no longer telling of (the) matter what in break bone nothingness all as if to where collapse of rat of being is walls that breathe with every step rapture no nothing of throughout what matter it…as if to…where bask what flesh forgotten offering up to knell final traces of within…seasons damaged…not a nor of in abound of rot of else & give or take forgotten…
…dead speeches from dead ocular of throughout final turn of  in tightening air breathless to absorb it of in no longer of in what nor of throughout a pageant taint steel drawn excommunicable spacious as if to pass through eye of needle unto forage nothing there as all what fallen is scattered seed of exhale burning in pit of nothing ever have in or which collapsed before lest broken nothing to claim ocular roving no longer it what stun in rat of feel of broken tabulets of skins flung to dog’s devour where null vacant eye cannot from denizen of passage present nothing as before once travailed through reek what matter solace of detritus dreamed of laconic shadows breaking from throughout as steam as if to rise filling up subtle edge to sever it all lest to follow unto nowhere on as if there ever were from outset skinning the skinned surface it unto where dredge what cyclic point of no departure let it lie it/ being in or if as was once then forgotten/ broken silhouettes as if to lay it low & to forget when rampage closes its fist & shatters all as dead speech rigor mortis exhalations in sarcophagus of bloomage terse will wind no nothing of for unto not on in never have as if to say that in redempt of silenteeism were to abort yet no cold precision in hyenic laughter of where spasm reach is a broken bone a nothing a mimicry a violent exhalation/ allwhile silently to remain as if it were of obscure throughout blind vision useless foraging eye recollects null & void spits it out vapour trails powdered blood of heavenly speech it in of redeem nothing of in that as all but one in blind of rat in rat of having in whereof listless as as if to echo in-dreaming of some next to follow where tepid waters flow abounding stillness yes to dredge nothing taken from shallow piss watermark yet of in of which echo erased where spurious till flame carouse nocturne headless abortive a sudden as if to fall it is skull & skull alone & meat that it cannot the vision that cannot the breath that cannot as broken body vocal that never could & yet still cannot as drag of yet what will cleaves throughout in silence given to blood flow of it till sought & found bankrupt to be stripped skin & final left to shadow whereof/ bereft of…

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