From “Echonone”, (Oneiros Books 2015)…

…zero open out in eye absent landscape of clear space reek-drown of pageant excise not a words frozen silence/ emptily cease cessation ceased bite bloom centre what centre was now nor nothing ever/ submergence shadow breathe scatter bled orchid none dream blood recede claim forage of/ not a of voice a sounding erased reek of in foreign attribute distance slashed out/ bite bloom no nothing eye of jest forgotten of in instance as if landscape absent promise no/ yes or no what vantage in clear space what other than unseen seen unobservable excise/ in-breath of scuttle vast words cascading into void utter nothing breath a-breathe sharp edge waters/ head of dust lack shudder clasp vocal vibrate deluge of caress absent silence as if it had ever been other than in specious known/ broken by distance untenable white light no nothing of light erasure of/ dream faculty utter void edge waters sharp cast off begin again no yes or no not a/ vocal vibrate cascade silence return as if to deluge wastage distance other shudder/ shadow dissipatory blind light lacking origin cracked tooth caress of velvet nothing/ dredge what of purity trace in or of nothing saying yet echoing disappearing/ silenced yes retract a blend into voice invert exert stone wind not a/ drag of pulse excursion on as if to say that it does not in spite of/ wind lock of cremated violence taken from tangent not a spurious no/ echo echoing of white response breath upon pyre adrift of settled in voice spitting out ever if/ discharge of obsolete pulse within stripped walls drown unto/ as if nothing yet all had taken place forgotten solace silence silence allwhile/ excursion of retract voice invert cremated voice violence wind lock of nothing/…

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