A further poem from ‘The Black Vault’, recently published by VoidFront Press

dying nectar
adagio of
collapsed sky
spinal column
of teeth
shiv of absence
a glut a silent feast
of voidal tears
of blood
the sky denuded
elegant dew of
a cracked skull
velvet key turning
in the vault
harlequin of
warped smiles
a dead tongue
burning in the silence
of catacombs
skeletal wound open
as a cunt
restless light
the death of sleep
drunken vile
reek of
hollow eyes
maggot of night
dressed in silken cum
crescendo of
collapsed earth
the candle
snuffed out
finality of useless waste



Sample poem from ‘The Black Vault’ (VoidFront Press)…

decibel artefact
bloodied pared fingers
trace pale flesh
breathless the night feeds
milk tooth fossils strewn across
black floorboards
in the ghettoes of nothingness
dusts of all salve of all salvation
broken trinkets
a neck snapped sharply
embroiled existence a
shattering skull of
amphetaminal discourse
the pulse spits flames
death spits out the dirt &
gristle of time
of memory
vague light
the burning flesh locked
vacant absolution
but for the Shadow
its rotting teeth
cast across the sensual
like a shroud
a finality of drifting leaves in
the winter of becoming
of failing
of kicking back the waxen cloth
the eyes
the eyes slow silent
burnt time
what once was held is held to be
fervent the…
desolate the…
shattered glass
breath of frost
the breath of the damned


‘The Black Vault’ is available here



‘The Black Vault’, now available…


Now available from VoidFront Press
the black vault‘ is a beautifully brutal, visceral feast, graphic as a sliced eyeball. In these dark, surreal landscapes we suffer the estrangement of existence with only the inevitability of death for comfort. Anyone deluded about what it is to be human might experience what Milan Kundera terms, liost; a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery. Anyone else will be enthralled by some of the most darkly vivid imagery to be experienced anywhere. Read ‘the black vault’ and you will experience some kind of duende; a blackness that strikes to the very core yet is still curiously fresh’.
-Gillian Prew, author of ‘Throats Full of Graves’, ‘A Wound’s Sound’.

Forthcoming from VoidFront Press, ‘all null having’…


all null having a careening plunge thru strangeness of serotonin amplified perverse conceptual integrity/futurity caught up in the vectors of cerebral collisions/words railing against the Cartesian grid/space of thoughts hollowed out ungrounded heresy of linguistic discontinuity/an enciphered probability of multiple meanings defying de-construction pushed to the threshold of the limit of Blanchot’s Book to Come/A post human masterpiece/”
— Lee Beckworth, author of ‘Savage the Warning Signs’

An excerpt from ‘longshadowfall’ (Editions du Cygne 2017)


 […ends as it does not wish to have ever had/ commence then out or not what matter/ dries eyed spurious metals a vibrant bloody welt/ asking of some none till follow long shadow fallen/ it says yet lacks all sound/ rent flesh in scum divisive edge guttered night abort of fragrant none of it about/ or else what else not a trace to be seem/ strips bare nothing no no matter if/ in-lacerate of bedamned dried blood nothing drag of irrepent dragging the spinal affluence some solace climb to dream of exigent given to taste/ what wind/ make it nothing less than brutal not/ scarce rot/ drag of lights permeating skin in a drift pierce as one locks baited silence hovering in within not taken for less or more taste of saturate attrition/ bedamned/ lock in/ vibrating what stone said yes/ eye abacus/ brute flesh carving out into endless night what matter/ absence of/ strips shut down/ collision purpose scattered remnants nothing of/ till bite what ask/ prayers from depth departed sunk dead sudden/ collapse unto thine ashes/ a lung/ fibrous oxidate climbing transparent space elective drain what stun lack trace abortive none of lack displaced/ in seek of sun lights broken valves of having traced through laughter long given to expire/ skeletal/ traceless of eye what matter closed fingers fist shattered glass impenetrable sudden reject of/ biting down upon bared knuckles echo-echo traceless acclimatized/ there has been/ nothing crimson pace trace alongside/ till vacant light traces some accord what spasm senseless sense/ trace of non-percept/ glimmers deep/ in deep/ what well of liquid night of endless blood/ in-dream spits shards of glass into/ fissure semblant what/ it asks what spun colourless demise/ as if to say in murmur desert hyenic minced no solace it/ cold close till return of laughter traceless from some black origin unfounded/ lapse climb reductive/ speaks of dead cold harrow priceless/ aches just a/ not one/ forgotten dream pageant nothing no it closure/ as if to say that in/ closure fist not a mark to remain/ settles to fall/ peels away skinned lights broken aspirate not a trace of/ broke stone laugh there is/ expels breaths as of shit/ bile vomit no breath for tomorrow/ (I/ eye laughterling)/ conjoined silences/ devouring words what frenzy to become…some foreign distance out of which collapsed purpose given to exhalation nowhere left/ to boundary cleft bespoke kill lack (lapse) kind what cannot be no other than bespoken/ nectar of eye sting breath colourless appeal a taste of bitter aftermath stings black worthless entity/ skinned for of in becoming nothing vacant seasons as if to echo dissolve in breakage point collision with no not a/ upon what stone sprayed with crimson broken valves of feel an abortive struggle fruitless as dawn’s first shadowings/ emptily doorways weep into corridor/s of light’s frozen cavalcades/ it-sting from frozen edge collapse still less than escapade given to fall asunder if/ lock weight and on it fathoms no/ bread broken through marrow’s blind withering in traceless circumnavigate dissent/ bitten ill-light a broken jaw some tangential recollect emptily irredeem of/ no nothing of some sense through which or eye what sense collision naught in dissipate of waste/ as if to say/ dredge what will stillness gathering ache throughout cascade no not/ not a/ asks that it may what it/ is speaking what is speaking collision trace eject tasteless/ bloodless/ a neck snapped in emptily resounding as if to echo fade once more/ still yet what edge what silence breath some seraglio of excrement/ no words/ abandoned else a cold dark vacancy following through/ waste what stray opulent skull-depth/ intro out of speech wrung dry till kaleidoscope some breathless want/ of some longing that in/ not a trace of other than or if or in what spoken collapse I-breath/ eye-breath/ trace waste what love what closure fist no yet following on from/ blade between teeth/ all whittled down a sarcophagus taint tint in a lightless  nothing/ spoken for as if for tomorrow/ not a trace/ in some following after laughter-lock some buried collapse/ lapse unto/ forgets forgotten that it has forgotten/ wrung out/ skins scattered vicariously across waste ground…lungs outstretched some bitter barb a stripped eye basking in sun lights/ alone is to best respite taken from onset’s winds/ nothing that cannot be outstretched wings till die what once/ ragged jaw out of some out-pulse regardless fathom never spoken till clad stone break reflect cascade/ it-eye-what no more till barricade stripped bare in spurious silences/ spat out some final tongue into dissipating gait left trace of not a nor of in if no matter nothing says finalize/ night’s fissure scarlet taste from a diseased mouth endless to touch beyond/ working bone against bone as if to say that nothing left demarcated stripped of tangents dry ice colours blending with tears given to unto some effortless demise/ it or other/ it what/ nothing more/ having burned all winds/ these burning winds deduced bone from out of faculty headless desire a given trace of some beyond forget it/ as one passes through another nothing there as if to/ broke stone fingers trace benign absence a dissipating smoke/ as if to/ having been no not for wastage not a/ clamour of dead light stripping the carcass of final tears lap them up for/ saken/ for no not a trace of there it all lies in pit tryst skull-depth snap-snap it is a lie/ mercury eyelids covering flesh/ here what collide what spun hilt dread laughter long as hollow/ not a/ strips violent teeth a mockery of being nothing beckoning in nothing’s claim/ it-spun/ eyes roll back in amphetaminal lights/ not a trace of sky when sky is mind alone yet not a trace/ spoken of yet better departures given when lock is steel what driven else forget/ it is I-lie/ distances flung out into foreign realms/ no trace to touch/ what of/ none of it throughout/ a downward spiral staircase of diseased longing smeared with bloody excrement/ reek/ no end in sight taken from above/ no light by which to guide/ atrophic words cascading with flesh’s devourment/ nowhere of some left to run aground/ where vocal chalice mocked by nothing claims what dim I-lack/ sunk white light of…ever of still-chase broke-spun lack till of measure/ gifting of eye what purpose flesh a wrang of meat a colossus breath still-born edge/ as of/ forget-me-knots shackled nonchalant skull deep what water winter water’s edge/ steps to blood measurement distance haven cleft one singular purpose not a/ it still distillation breaking forth relapse of climb none from out of which to parry disclosed night disclosed/ crack what stone effigies detritus wastage of bone steel laughter prevaricate/ fucked frozen eye reclaimed stillness from which to escapade writ in lines cast by a windless full of blood/ it I-lie never once of trace desire nothing captured given unto causality driven terse/ etc./ eye-lack sudden to expire given of reject of purpose nothing left to trace where nothing was or if abounding/ ragged then in terse closed doorway in or out of/ nothing ventured nothing eye alone roving in said dark what dark/ blind arc ice to follow on from given to gesture/ dead all what some circus apathy/ dressage what will some stench of sickness given from retreat/ onward no/ flails off lack of purpose desire/ it we fallen/ drag/ yes another drag another bone/ another broke stone nothing amber lighted/ shadows shed across echoing out no nothing into which given to having forgotten from the outset of what if or/ dead we along/ scattered what longing gild of appetite an outstretched palm/ scum pageantry/ isolate in terse/ with we what if collective no nothing to obtruse skin of toothen walls no sense for tomorrow/ it is/ what is/ out of or other than/ dense die what collapse in cracked eye promise/ I-cannot/ what is of or in not a trace given to lack in dream sarcophagus collapse/ expired endless/ given to/ accord/ what sense then under-sensed beneath/ callous under-climate parasite/ blood-shot in bite of recollect/ deduced from bones what given trace/ it of/ what of/ not a/ in-dreaming posit of some lack what given violence/ aspen/ cold bait that once/ twice/ thrice/ echo-dim falling to earthen what spine no solace never to return…speaketh from form dislodged abandon cleft what climb/ subtle unto abandon eye’s fieldline/ whispers from abattoir kiss ill-sensed as if to murmur bones of some unknown origin/ lapse all lack to trace from out of sickness given to dredge one singular motion ever to obscurity realm/ of distance clear azure perhaps some skyline only/ birthed all/ sudden abandon intro-speech eradicated not a trace where nothing can or cannot unspoken as before/ fields of lung no longing for abortive bones flies will gather nothing less as if to say/ some eclipse of endlessness/ in or out/ bled of what dead stun fields of atrophic reek shadowy nocturnes/ “dead fingers tell no…”/ absurdly flexed a catacomb of silence breathless expire non-trace in out or of/ here die it die eye/ we die young yet not enough/ better than what once was given/ effortlessly contained reclamation of none given to glow in unbroken aftermath/ I-we limb suck sand a broken coven a trace of flesh-meat nonchalance/ struck from what realm till opulent expiration/ skinned solace some glisten of liquid indefinable unlike tears/ not a trace where silenteeism reigns/ falter bled what other than/ if it we spoken nowhere left unto never unto/ dead centre centre flourish of nothing/ dissipatory expire sung from what left behind not a trace of affluence other than marrow’s taint/ sunk suck stone spit it out/ “dead fingers tell…”/ skull yes this in butchery lights stripped does not/ escapes does not/ all dead what realms to touch forgotten arbitrary notion collapse eye-null-void/ coughing up blackened flesh non sense devoured/ seen last of what haven till of over than what stun vomitous teeth of some dead lapse longing for what end given beyond nothing there or otherwise/ it-stun what cleft lights repetitive edge/ colossus null and void we in/ reek of/ beyond shadow’s mark a tint of closure nothing more than ever if or none sunk blind light of despair illuminating a thankless worthless space…]       
 ‘longshadowfall’ is available directly from Editions du Cygne